Brushing your teeth really does protect against Alzheimer's disease


Here is another article demonstrating how important your oral health is for your OVERALL health. If you haven’t had a dental check up or cleaning in a while, get in touch! We offer cleanings at our office, and Dr. Liszka is a Periodontist, who can perform a comprehensive evaluation of the health of your gums. No referral required.

Myths about Root Canals


Root Canal treatment causing illness is a false claim based on poor research done over 100 years ago! There is no scientific research linking root canal treatment to disease elsewhere in the body.

Book a consult with Dr. McKenzie who specializes in root canals specifically! She will walk you through treatment options and answer any questions you have regarding root canals and the effect they have on your health.

2018 Hygiene Appreciation Night

Thank you to all of the Hygienists who attended our annual appreciation night. Such a great group within our industry and we are privileged to be able to host you as often as we do. Dr. Luke Liszka lectured on indications for immediate implant placement while Dr. Erin McKenzie spoke on procedural advancements in Endodontic microsurgery. We finished off with a passionate presentation on Oral Cancer screening by Debbie Zafiropolous. Already looking forward to next year!