Do people need a referral to come here?

No! Patients can come directly to us if they have an emergency or really painful toothache.

Do you take insurance?

We assist with electronically submitting claims to your insurance company.

X-rays and Radiation

We use digital x-rays that emit 90% less radiation, give us a clearer image, provide a more accurate diagnosis and greater patient safety.


We do provide oral sedation to assist with this. Please do not hesitate to ask.

Dark Tooth

We bleach teeth from the inside out when they are a different color from the rest.

Pain Management

We have many methods of reducing and controlling pain.


We give our professional opinion and invite questions. We also keep open communication with your dentist.

Calcified Canals

This happens naturally with age! Teeth also lay down hard tissue inside the roots and wall themselves off excessively from the damaging effects of injury, fracture or decay.


Teeth get hit and slowly die and turn grey.  These teeth can die many years later in life.  Most of the time they need root canals within 7-10 days of the trauma.

Root Canal

This is removing the infected tissue and nerve from inside your tooth because your body has no means of clearing it out. You leave with your tooth intact.


Not like medical surgery!  We make a tiny incision in your gums and remove the infection.  This does not affect the crown of your tooth.

I already have a root canal, why does my tooth still hurt?

  1. Bacteria are still inside the tooth
  2. Resistant bacteria to treatment
  3. Bacteria entered the tooth from an old leaky filling or crown
  4. There is an extra nerve that needs to be treated
  5. The tooth might be cracked and unsalvageable

**If your tooth is temperature sensitive it may be a different tooth!**

Re-doing a root canal

We do this often here.