Internal Teeth Bleaching

Internal teeth bleaching is used to help removing staining and discoloration of a tooth that has had a root canal. As the problem is located within the tooth, traditional whitening will usually not lighten the shade of the tooth. Internal bleaching is performed by Dr. McKenzie in the office to bring your tooth back to its natural shade.

How the Problem Teeth are Developed

In some cases when root canal treatment is performed, the tooth may grey. During the root canal treatment some pulp tissue may remain which can lead to darkening overtime.

the treatment process

The process of bleaching a root canal treated tooth requires the use of a bleaching agent to be placed in the empty pulp chamber of the discolored tooth. The stages of internal bleaching is as follows:

  1. Radiographic examination
  2. Preparation of a cavity
  3. Cervical seal
  4. Application of the bleaching agent
  5. Permanent restoration


Patients experience no post-operative discomfort and are able to return to work immediately following the procedure.