Pocket Reduction Procedures

Pocket reduction would begin with the measurement of the depth of your pocket(s). The pocket reduction procedure is recommended when your pockets are too deep to clean with daily at-home oral hygiene and a professional care routine. If you are affected by periodontal disease, the supporting tissue and bone around your teeth are not healthy and may eventually cause tooth loss.

With time the pockets around your teeth become deeper, which allows for bacteria to live within the large space that has been created. As the bacteria collects it can accumulate and move under the gum tissue, which results in further bone and tissue loss. Sometimes with severe bone loss, the affected teeth will need to be gently removed.

For this procedure very small incisions are made and the gums are gently pushed back. The diseased area is removed and smoothed out. The tissue is placed back in lower position to remove the deep pocket. By reducing pocket depth and eliminating bacteria we can help prevent additional damage caused by the progression of the periodontal disease. Keep in mind that only eliminating bacteria isn't sufficient in preventing disease recurrence. This is why it is important to ensure your pockets are reduced if its required, as it becomes more difficult for us and yourself to properly provided oral care. People that are susceptible to periodontal disease are at risk for recurrence, thus it is important to follow the maintenance schedule for proper prevention.

So be sure to practice oral hygiene at home and schedule regular oral maintenance from one of our professionals.