Ridge Modification

Periodontal disease, wearing dentures, injury/trauma, or developmental defects can result in deformities to an individual's upper or lower jaw and leave them with a deficient amount of bone preventing dental implant placement. In addition to the inability to place dental implants, patients can also be faced with difficulty cleaning and maintaining their teeth due to an indentation near the missing teeth.

In order to correct this issue, we would need to lift the gum away from the ridge to expose their bone defect. We would then fill the defect with bone or graft material that can help regenerate lost bone and build up the ridge. Once the original incision has fully healed we will then schedule the individual in to have their dental implants placed. Routinely, the ridge augmentation and dental implants can be placed in the same day, but generally the healing period typically take 4 to 12 months.

This procedure can greatly improve the success of dental implant placements, the patient's appearance, and enhance them functionally.